With all the features you need

Interactive and engaging features


Engage in question and answer with your audience during the event. 

Catch The Camera

Get your audience to participate and share their camera live in the studio. 

Attendee List

A comprehensive overview of the attendees with bio and status info. 

Break-Out Rooms

From small coffee corners to round table conversations in our designated rooms.

Interactive Quiz

Get competitive with a made-to-measure quiz experience for your audience.

Live Chat

Get chatting during the event;
engaging, fun and interactive. 


Gauge the temperature of the audience by launching live polls with direct results.

Share Your Image

Boost audience participation and get your guests to upload their image. 

One-To-One call

Get in touch with the attendees for a one-to-one video call in Wavely.

Custom event diary

A personal event diary with gentle reminders for appointments and personal planning.

One - to - one messaging

Get in touch with the attendees for a one-to-one chat in Wavely.

Highlight partners

Display your partners and contacts on a designated partner location in the platform. 

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to the frequently asked questions here

Are there any technical requirements in order to be able to use the platform? 

Wavely is 100% easy to use: open the platform and go surfing. There is no need to install software before you use te platform. It just works, and it works on every device; smartphone, tablet and computer. 

How can people get access to the platform?

Wavely offers different ways in, depending on your needs. 
Option 1 :  The participants fill in their name and email before entering the platform.
Option 2: The participants create an account with a personal username and password. Only with this personal login they are allowed access to the platform. 
Option 3 : No registration is required, a simple link guides participants to the platform.
Option 4 : Before the event, each participant receives a unique link that is assigned to their name.
Option 5 : A tailor-made solution that suits your communicative requirements.

How can I make the event interactive?

We have a range of options for involving viewers in the stream.
Option 1:  We have a Chat feature where participants can talk amongst themselves about how much they.                    enjoy the event.
Option 2: Viewers can send in a question during the stream, anonymously or not.
                  This way, their question can be answered instantly in the livestream.
Option 3: Participants can literally become part of the live stream by sharing their camera through the.                    "Catch the camera" feature.
Option 4: One picture says more than a thousand words and this also applies during a live stream. We offer.                    the option that participants can share their pictures in the chat function.
Option 5: By using a poll question you can ask a question to the audience. During the livestream the answer                    of this poll question can also be shown.
Option 6: Would you like to test the knowledge of the viewers? Then you can integrate a quiz during the                    event.

Can sessions be held with smaller groups next to the main livestream / the main event?

The Wavely platform not only offers the possibility to host several main livestreams at the same time, it also offers the smaller rooms or groups. Anything goes: from one - to - one video calls to cosy coffee corners for a small number of people to substantial break-out rooms. 

Does Wavely offer support? 

Our Wavely lifeguard team is always on hand to keep on eye on proceedings. The team will gladly welcome you and discuss and guide you step by step, from early beginnings and brainstorms to the actual networking event.

Can I get a demo of the platform?

Absolutely! We are happy to give you a tour of the platform so that you get a hands-on Wavely experience. Get in touch, and we get back to you with the speed of light!

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