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About Wavely

Wavely is the brain child of MoJuice, a hybrid production company based in Belgium.

Powerful and engaging communication will always be a cornerstone of any kind of business, both internal and external. 

In order to be able to meet the requirements of our client base, MoJuice founded Wavely, an interactive and engaging platform for events and networking. The focus of Wavely lies heavily on easy-to-use yet powerful communication and networking. Moreover, the platform enables guests and viewers to actively participate in the online event, boosting levels of engagements and empowering the bond with coworkers, partners or clients. 

About MoJuice

MoJuice is a cross media production company working for the creative industry: advertising, events, and brands.

We focus on hybrid interactive concepts combining film and technology, putting the user and the user's experience first. 

MoJuice boasts over 15 years of experience in the creative industry.

  • We love telling creative stories for and with our clients. 
  • We love it when beautiful things happen when creative minds get together
  • We love engaging and interactive experiences.
  • We mix technology and film with creativity. 

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